New intro video hasJanuary 2022's Energy Note inside!

Welcome To Empower~Body, Mind & Soul!

I am an intuitive Reiki master/teacher, spiritual life coach, and general communicator with all things energetic...(which is everything!).  I want to assist everyone on their healing journeys, helping them to understand that they are powerful creators of their realities, can connect with their soul (through intuition) and create the very best life with what we are collectively designing here on Earth.

Emotions are our clues! They aren't meant to be eliminated, stuffed down, ignored or medicated. They tell us what is right for us, where our direction is heading and how to navigate life's challenges, and one of the ways we do this is through our intuition.

We are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual beings and my Empower app focuses on integrating and supporting all facets of your self.

Need help figuring out life? Then this is the app for you! Included in the free download are monthly Energy Notes where I tap into the current energy and how to navigate it and Mindful Resets which offer a few moments of respite and recharge.

For a ONE-TIME low payment of $5, you'll unlock hours of audio and video perspectives on easing challenging emotions and situations like grief, guilt, self-criticism and lost relationships; guidance on embodying more of what we want, like joy, purpose and peace of mind; and enlightening topics like how to follow your intuition, moving out of victimhood and manifesting what you truly desire...along with video webinars and special offers!*

Connect with me and my lifelong work (25 years!) and experience your own transformational shift...It's time, the world needs your empowerment!

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